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“Since using the BuzzBuddy™ my playing stamina has improved and I can practice for longer. My tone is less airy and just better overall”

Listen to Lisa talk about BuzzBuddy on the Off To Market™ Podcast


- Connor, Student.

A revolution in

comfortable playing.

The BuzzBuddy™ provides a lip cushion to make it more comfortable to play and will not interfere with your buzz.


Designed to fit a 3C Trumpet mouthpiece but may fit most sizes.


Also suitable for Cornet and Flugelhorn.


The BuzzBuddy™ is perfect for;


Braces & Dental Work

Marching Bands

Cold Weather

Lip Injuries


Suitable for Beginners to Professionals


Designed in Australia.

Made from FDA (USA) approved food grade silicone.

How to use BuzzBuddy™

  • Wash your BuzzBuddy™ in warm soapy water before and after use.

  • Ensure your BuzzBuddy™ is free of any cleaning products, moisture and lint before use.

  • Gently stretch your BuzzBuddy™ over your adviser with the tapered round edge on the top as per the video.

  • Avoid any unnecessary stretching of the BuzzBuddy™

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USA Patent No. D939,626
Australian Provisional Patent Application No. 2018903174

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