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What They Say

I just received my Buzz Buddy today. I'm not sure what I was expecting. I am a trumpet/trombone player/teacher who has spent a lifetime questing after the perfect embouchure/mouthpiece.

I think a lot of players know what I am talking about. I have an air leak on one side, that braces, a dozen or more self modified mouthpieces and thousands of hours of chop drills/exercises hasn't fixed.


Well you know what? This 'Buzz Buddy'™ fixed what twenty years of desperate searching didn't.


It provides a nice seal around all sides. It reduces the pressure and makes playing incredibly more comfortable. Whether you have braces or an average embouchure, Buzz Buddy is the best investment in equipment you will ever make.


Forget that  $300 fancy mouthpiece. A stock 3C or 5C with Buzz Buddy will fix your ailing trumpet chops. Thanks Lisa for your great work in n producing this great product.


Yours Sincerely. Ian

“My students with braces on their teeth absolutely love their BuzzBuddy! It has literally saved them from the brink of surrender to now really loving their trumpet playing again.


I cannot recommend this product highly enough, it’s a real game changer and every brass teacher out there needs to check out this device ASAP. 
Thank you BuzzBuddy!!”

John Coulton Trumpet Player and Recording Artist

“Since using the BuzzBuddy™ my playing stamina has improved and I can practice for longer. My tone is less airy and just better overall”

- Connor, Student

“The BuzzBuddy™ is a great device. Without it, my son would no longer be playing the trumpet”

- Paula, Mother

The BuzzBuddy™ is great for any Brass student dealing with problems around playing with braces, using too much pressure, or playing in marching bands!! Check it out!!


- John Foster, Pro Trumpet Player

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